Make Nutrition Simple, Connect your Mind and Body to Create Lasting Physical Change and Confidence with 
    Make Nutrition Simple, Connect your Mind and Body, to Create Lasting Physical Change and Confidence with The REV METHOD

    Get unstuck from the defeat of the diet industry

    Connect your body and mind to create your happiest and healthiest life starting TODAY

    Feel like it's too hard to maintain the diet's results long-term?

    It's "all in" to go "all out"?

    Don't worry. It's NOT your fault!

    The diet industry — a $60 Billion annual behemoth — creates plans that lead nowhere.

    This way they sell the latest fad diets at a high profit and keep you on the defeating hamster wheel.

    But we have good news...

    Whether you went on your first diet as a kid (Coach Jen was 8) or have had disordered eating like Coach Courtey did for 25 years...

    Or are a mom or career woman looking to find her confidence and rediscover her best life...

    We've helped hundreds of women get the physical results and create the life they desire. 

    Like them...instead of "pushing through" and restricting foods you love...

    You can shift your beliefs, self-image, and relationship with food.

    To connect your body and mind and keep your results for a lifetime! 

    This and more in the REV method.

    Unlock the myths and 3 proven strategies to creating the life you want in the REV Method 

    Including our three best BONUSES so your health journey is supercharged! 
    • ​Change your state and relax in 5 minutes or less: critical strategies for every busy mama
    • ​The ideal food intake plan: simple list of foods that serve you to minimize emotional eating patterns
    • Client Success Stories: clients share the next steps that helped them create their happiest and healthiest life
    Meet the Founding Women of SHIFT
    Jen Blanco and Courtney Mericle are the founders of the SHIFT program.

    Based on their personal stories of dieting, disordered eating, and low confidence and body image, now they are on a mission to help other women live their happiest and healthiest lives.

    Together they've helped hundreds of women to get unstuck from the defeat of the diet industry, connect their body and mind, and get results.

    Regardless of where you are on your journey, Jen and Courtney believe: We are worthy! 

    Client Love 

    • Make nutrition simple
    •  Connect your Mind and Body 
    • Create lasting physical change and confidence
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