Make Nutrition Simple, Learn About Foods That Serve You, and Create Lasting Physical Change and Confidence with 
    Make Nutrition Simple, Learn About Foods That Serve You, and Create Lasting Physical Change and Confidence with The REV METHOD
    Tired of dieting?
    Feel like it's too hard to maintain the diet's results long-term?

    Don't worry. It's NOT your fault!

    The diet industry — a $60 Billion annual behemoth — creates plans that lead nowhere.

    This way they sell the latest fad diets at a high profit and keep you on the defeating hamster wheel.

    But we have good news...

    We've helped hundreds of busy people get the physical results and confidence they want.

    Instead of "pushing through" and restricting foods you love...

    We do this by first shifting your beliefs, self-image, and relationship with food.

    When these beliefs are "steered" to where you want to go...

    We then couple your new beliefs with the foods that'll help you accomplish your goals.

    (And we mean tasty foods you enjoy eating, not bland and boring "diet foods"...)

    This way you not only get results faster but also maintain them long-term!

    It becomes like an math formula where A leads to B, then to C...

    And the best part:

    You'll learn all of this inside The REV Method.

    Among the invaluable lessons you'll learn are: 
    • ​The Top-Eating List: a list of foods you can add to your life to make eating healthy simple, delicious, and fun
    • The Myth of Discipline: Why healthy eating often feels like an uphill struggle, and how to make it effortless, enjoyable, and lasting
    • The Art of Belief Steering: How to match your beliefs to the reality you want to live in (e.g. someone who's already healthy and fit), and make nutrition simple
    Inside The REV Method, you also get the following BONUSES so your health journey is supercharged:
    • 3 ways to relax in less than 10 minutes: Relaxation puts you in the driver's seat of your life. These three simple practices will give you a feeling of inner safety and confidence to carry in your life
    • The ideal food intake plan: This is not a meal plan. It's better. You'll learn how to fit any food into your food intake, guilt-free. You'll also learn how much protein, carbs, and fats to eat daily
    • Results from other readers: how other readers have applied the methods inside The REV Method and sat in the driver's seats of their life--and how you can do it too!
    About the Authors
    Jen Blanco and Courtney Mericle are the founders of the SHIFT program. Together they've helped hundreds of people attain the physical results and confidence they want. They do this by creating lasting, sustainable changes. And by providing scientifically proven, results-driven plans to make nutrition simple and fun!
    P.S. We will host a live workshop on what you need to know about improving your nutrition, meeting your goals, and becoming the healthiest version of you! We do this through our E.P.I.C. Formula. Check out our Facebook Group, where the workshop will be hosted, for more!

    What women say about The REV Method:

    • Make nutrition simple
    • Learn about foods that serve you
    • Create lasting physical change and confidence
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